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PM Principle, LLC is a boutique management consulting firm specializing in strategic consulting services. The firm, based on a principle unique in the industry, brings together thought leaders, subject matter experts, and industry specialists to help our clients realize their strategic plans and goals by taking a holistic, enterprise-wide approach to strategic actualization.  PM Principle was created under the premise that true strategic achievement involves and evolves the entire enterprise. As such, successful strategic implementation must be approached as an organizational transformation as opposed to the traditional view of isolating specific project or program work.

Our firm offers the proven skills, methodology, and leadership of an Enterprise Portfolio Management Office (EPMO). The premise is simple: visibility and transparency lead to greater control and leadership; greater control and leadership, lead to greater success, less failure, and faster results.

PM Principle was formed as a tactical investment from the Consortia Group of Companies. 

We want to be part of your strategy for success!

Our mission is simple:

Bring crucial leadership, skills, and knowledge to our partners and clients helping them reach their strategic objectives.

Simply put, our goal is to help you reach your goals.

A recent presentation by Gartner cited the values of well-established EPMO and strategy office. The current economic conditions are forcing dramatic changes in the business environment; the point of which is reshaping the traditional project management/’PMO’  and strategy implementation approach.

Effective organizations are moving beyond customary concepts of portfolio and project management toward establishing practices of tighter alignment with organizational objectives and mission critical initiatives. Additionally, the synergies among technology, speed, and strategic objectives are becoming tightly bound. New forms of governance, communication, and leadership are needed to manage and adequately maneuver in these changing tides.

Our mission is to help bring crucial leadership, skills, and knowledge to your enterprise or organization and help you reach your strategic objectives.

Collaboration:  We work together to cultivate relationships with members and leaders within our client’s organization.

Trust:  We foster and build foundations based on trust, candor, honesty, and transparency.

Results: We aim to deliver real, measurable results.

Authenticity:   We believe that each of our clients is unique and deserves an equally unique approach.

Respect: We strive to respect and uphold our client’s beliefs and values reflecting and merging them with our own.

Reliability:  We aim to be a trusted and reliable partner.

Change:  We value, embrace, and understand change, in our industry, organization and that of our clients’ and partners’.

Passion:  We share our client’s passion for results.

We think holistically:  We believe the success of any strategic endeavor lies in the transformation and support of the entire enterprise.

We are a team:  We partner with the management structure of your organization to develop, build, and understand your vision of success.

We bring knowledge together with real-world experience: We leverage a multidisciplinary team combining academic lessons learned with real, practical knowledge and experience.

We are a brain trust: We possess active knowledge and domain experience of multiple sectors and industries.

We are committed:  We are dedicated to each of our client’s success because we strongly believe that our success lies in your success.

We are different because you need us to be different.

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